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masserie Puglia Salento, vacanze lusso relax piscina

The ancient farmhouse, once the vital and operational center of an autarkic economy (typical Salento farmhouse) has been recovered and converted into a small residence. 


Surrounded by nature, which offers the typical scents and colors of Salento, it is an ideal place to savor sensations and rhythms of new everyday life, recovering lost energy, among ancient olive trees and lush vineyards, and enjoying moments of pure relaxation.


​The light, dominant color, is the typical color of Lecce stone, a material used to restore the ancient essence of the farm, respecting the typical structure and functionality of Salento .


The swimming pool was also built with the use of 'chianche'  (blocks of Lecce stone, which have always been used in the area) and natural spatula.



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for  information: 
+39 393 8179145
​+39 393 8179147
Masseria San Polo
via Casalabate
73018 - Squinzano (Lecce)
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